SG Climate Rally
A year after organising Singapore’s first physical climate rally, we are raising funds to grow the movement. We are deeply grateful for any amount of financial support you can pledge and strive for transparency in the use of proceeds. To stay true to our course, we do not solicit funds or accept donations that may compromise the integrity of our mission. Below is a more detailed but non-exhaustive breakdown of SG Climate Rally’s projected expenses. Where possible, we have included the exact cost of the budget item, but we seek your understanding that not all items are fixed costs. To remain accountable to our donors, we will be releasing periodic updates on how our funds have been used. All donations received will go towards three main areas: 1) Internal Administration, Logistics, & Training These are ongoing costs that support our bread and butter, such as monthly subscriptions to software for data storage and online meeting platforms. As a movement committed to regenerative practices and continual capacity-building, we also hope to channel funds towards internal training and community support. Includes: - Unlimited cloud storage on Google Drive ($16/month) - Zoom Enterprise for unlimited meeting and webinar requirements ($19.00/month) - Website hosting (US$12.50/month) - Website domain (~US$15/year) - Internal Training Sessions e.g. Intersectionality Training or Anti-Harassment Training 2) Accessibility Support SG Climate Rally is committed to making our events and outreach accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of ability or circumstance. Accessibility arrangements we hope to provide include Singapore Sign Language interpretation for live events, live-captioning for audio-visual material, and translations into Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin for our English content. Includes: - Content Translations into Malay, Tamil, and/or Mandarin (estimated at $0.30 per word) - Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) Interpretation ($40/2h) - Live Captioning Software for Audio-Visual Material (~$6,500) 3) Outreach Costs SG Climate Rally engages with a variety of public outreach and advocacy mechanisms, from facilitating workshops to hosting webinars and creating educational content. As much as our volunteers give their time freely, there are certain material costs that need to be paid for. It is also important to us to recognise our external guests’ time and labour through honorariums or other forms of support. Includes: - Team Account on brainstorming platform Miro, which supports our Climate Crisis 101 workshops ($10/month) - Honorariums for external speakers and guests - Transport reimbursements for SGCR speakers & facilitators - Venue rental for workshops and events - Canva Pro for publicity and design needs ($13.98/month) - Marketing costs e.g. advertising costs for event outreach

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