Shane Blackheart
I'm an independent creator, which means I do all of my own work. When it comes to my books, I am self-published. I hire others to help me whip my book into shape, and that can cost quite a bit. As for video editing, I record and edit my own videos for YouTube and I'd love to upgrade my equipment in the future. As for artwork, that is more of a side interest, but I do invest in it from time to time. Basically, I need help to stay afloat. I'm disabled, and being an independent creator living on benefits makes it difficult to determine what will happen with my income month to month. I'd like to eventually depend solely on my work to support myself, but right now, that isn't possible. Any help matters early in my journey, and I'm grateful for anyone who supports me. I recently published my debut novel, Everything Is Wonderful Now, which is a memoir-like queer fantasy about my life as a disabled, transgender trauma survivor, and one of the best ways to support me is to grab a copy and leave an honest review ♥

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