Shane Blackheart
Hi! I'm a nonbinary (they/them), autistic, and disabled author of speculative fiction. My stories are often queer and dark, and many have characters with mental illnesses that I write about honestly and from personal experience. I hope that my stories can find those who may need them the most, and I only write what's true to my heart and what I'm most passionate about. I'm an independent author, which means I'm self-published — I cover all of the costs for editing, cover design, and formatting — and I create all of my own graphics and videos. Since this is all funded from my own wallet, any monetary support I receive helps me keep my head above water and allows a bit of breathing room. I plan to open some membership-only posts in the future that will contain snippets from works in progress, as well as inside information about the characters and worlds in my books! I recently published my debut novel, Everything Is Wonderful Now, which is a queer fantasy about my life as a disabled, transgender trauma survivor, and one of the best ways to support me is to grab a copy and leave an honest review ♥

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