Hey, thanks for checking out my Ko-fi page! I'm going to be using Ko-fi for commissions because honestly, I couldn't get my head around Fiverr (somehow I set up a gig where I would only record vocals for a commission for 4 seconds...) and mostly, I really want a clear and easy way for people to be able to work with me. I do have a Patreon page too and I take a lot of requests there, but it's not ideal for someone who has written a song and would only like for me to sing on it without having to sign up to anything subscription based. Honestly, Ko-fi seems like a perfect fit for me to be able to work with you and all my guidelines are written out so you can see how it'll be if you would like to commission me. Thanks for taking the time to consider working with me and reading through this. I do offer a demo of my voice on your song before anything is final so if you decide I'm not a good fit - that's absolutely fine and I will give you a full refund.

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