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Hi, I'm Shetani the king cheetah! Tea is actually my hot beverage of choice. ☕💕 I love to fursuit at home and at conventions across the country! I post a new costume photo every week on Twitter and Instagram. I launched my web series "Cheetah Chat with Shetani" on YouTube in 2018, where I cover topics pertaining to the furry fandom as well as my interests. Your teas help support me in my creative endeavors, and allow me to try bigger and better things. I really appreciate your support!

1x☕ = Shoutout! Your generous donation allows me to give back to the furry community by producing educational and entertaining content, and for that, you'll get a shoutout in the next Cheetah Chat episode! 2x☕ = Fansign/tea feature! Two donations and I'll take a photo in fursuit holding a sign with your name, and tell a bit about the cup of tea you helped fund! 3x☕ = Fursuit doodle! Three donations and you get to watch as I attempt to draw your fursona or an animal of your choosing while in fursuit! 5x☕ = Swag! Five donations and you get an autographed fursuit photo of myself mailed right to your address, as well as a collectible Shetani enamel pin from Fursona Pins as a one-time bonus! 10x☕ = Director! Ten donations and you get to select the topic of my next Cheetah Chat episode from a list of ideas! For even more perks, please check out my Patreon: http://patreon.com/jubatajan Your support helps fuel my creative endeavors, and every little bit helps. I appreciate it immensely!

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