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Hi, I'm Shetani the king cheetah! Tea is actually my hot beverage of choice. ☕💕 I love to fursuit at home and at conventions across the country! Every week, I post a costume photo on Twitter and Instagram. I launched my web series "Cheetah Chat with Shetani" on YouTube in 2018, where I cover topics pertaining to the furry fandom as well as my interests. Your teas help support me in my creative endeavors, and allow me to try bigger and better things. I really appreciate your support!

Thanks for your generosity! I used to have a list of "rewards" folks could request after tipping a certain amount, but no one ever took me up on that, so it's been done away with. Just know that all tips go towards the production of my videos and photoshoots. You'll help fund the purchase of new and better recording equipment, costumes and props, other quality of life improvements, and compensating me for the time I spend in writing, editing, and post-production. All tippers automatically get a shoutout in an upcoming episode of Cheetah Chat! If you tip more than one ☕, the shoutout will span multiple episodes accordingly. 😸 Your support helps fuel my creative endeavors, and every little bit helps. I appreciate it immensely!

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