Shit My Soul Says Podcast
Thank you so much for your contribution! It means the world to us and enables us to keep generating new episodes for you. People who support us with a one-time contribution of ANY amount (you can edit your contribution amount when you check out) will have access for a full month to bonus content, including the first 2 episodes we ever recorded, Jillian's Nostradamus Corner, Jillian and Rosalie singing badly, audio that we cut from episodes because we went way over an hour of recording time, blooper reels, and anything else we come up with that we want to share with you! We promise to post new content at least once a month. Subscribers (people who commit to a monthly payment) of ANY amount will get all of that, plus a virtual meet and greet with the hosts a few times a year. It turns out that making a podcast isn't cheap. This is what your support is paying for: * Website hosting * Podcast hosting - the business that stores our episodes and distributes them to all the podcast players out there * Equipment * Lawyers fees - turns out it's a good idea to make sure everything is legal when you start a business * Licensing fees - someone has to pay to keep the bureaucracy running. Turns out, it's us! * Logo design * Marketing * Our time - recording, editing, writing, researching, accounting... the list goes on. No seriously, we have over 100 tasks on our to do list * Miscellaneous things that come up periodically PLUS! We would love to be able to provide weekly episodes instead of bi-weekly episodes for you. We can't do that and work our paying jobs because each episode takes a lot of time to create.

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