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Ko-fi Discord Server: Hi, I'm Lyn!! Or better known as SHUNAO. You probably know me as an artist within the fighting game community, but I'm basically a freelance artist!! I love Kirby and creating stuff, so I hope to one day make some original content some day!! I'm kind of a sick borb, but I won't let it stop me! _(´ཀ`」 ∠) _ I made this as a way to make it easier to support me without the stress that I'm forever owing people eVERYTHING. I also do drawstreams on Twitch ( and if you can't support me with money, you can still watch!! Please check my Twitch page for when I'm streaming. Just do what you please if you wanna support or just commission me. Commission slots will reopen (on an average) every week after Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

hi!! this is basically a tip jar since i moved from patreon as i didn't want to deal with the extra fees that were put onto my fans. please consider donating if you enjoy my works! i'll have some special deals happening around here so check back once in a while~

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