Hello, You are on a website that is ingenious. They have taken the word "coffee", split it, and gave it the Bridge of the God's: the hyphen. Dangerously smart. One day, they will rule us all. For my part, my undulations across this page will be inside information. I will be your open book across the many, MANY hors d'oeuvre on my platinum tray. You will see my first looks, behind the scenes dances - both tap and swing - and more insight/updates to my frame of mind as I go through various project stages. Occasionally, these posts will be humorous. Others, they will be serious in regards to larger ventures (comic book publishing, writing contest entering, Satanic ritualing etc.). I appreciate caffeine, so if you have a cup of Ko-Fi to hand over, I would accept it into my hu-man mouth. In the meantime, you...are welcome.

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