Skeleton Staff

Well hello to you and you! If you're here chances are you're already a supporter of the 'Staff. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT YOU WONDERFUL CREATURES! Point 1. We’re determined to continue bringing you amusing animated videos and fabulous music. However coffee, tea, beer and cocktails are needed to fuel this. Oh and rent and food and you know - important stuff. If you'd like to leave a cheeky little tip then not only will you gain our ETERNAL GRATITUDE, but you'll ALSO gain access to never before seen or heard Skeleton Stuff AND be helping us fund more songs and videos. It'll be great to have you cuz!! Point 2. IF YOU’D LIKE TO BUY ANY OF OUR DIGITAL MUSIC - DO IT HERE! Simple and quick and YOU’LL GET EXTRA STUFF... (The online stores only give us around a third of what you pay them...) Just 3 coffee purchases ($9) per album! First, mention which album you want along with your email (in the 'your message of support' field) and then when you pay you'll be sent a download link for the album with additional treats! 😃 Point 3. Any donation of $70.00 or above will get you an acoustic recording of ANY song you'd like us to perform, sent to YOU! 😜 (Except Happy Birthday - No exeptions)

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