Slade Rice Watkins
Hi, my name is Slade. I'm the founder, editor-in-chief, and director of Kakariko Herald. Truth is, I've been running that while also looking for a full-time job, which has proved difficult. With my job search now reaching well over 17 months now, and getting declined by Google Adsense to run ads on the website, I'm running out of options, I am opening up a way for folks to support me while I both work on Kakariko Herald, and continue looking for a full-time job. It's certainly not required, a share of my work would suffice, but if you feel called to make a donation -- this is the way you can do so! All funds donated here will be used to help build up cash reserves that I can use in the future for various needs, which could include moving for work, and of course be invested back into Kakariko Herald and in turn, fund our reporting. Thank you for your support. It means the world! <3

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