the sleepy bones detective agency

hello, we are THE SLEEPY BONES DETECTIVE AGENCY; we like mystery novels but mostly we do other things too x we distribute surreal stories, publish small-print zines, and make podcasts that'll leave ink in your ears. you can find us all over the web; we’re on, we’re at, check in on us ‘round the back of heck! we’re even found dipping and dodging through the digital corridors of, now! we don't have much of an audience right now but we're still putting out everything that we can, usually for free (unless it's something we've physically made) as often as we can! so far we've done the action audio-zine series 'PINBALL', three series of our short story audio anthology 'PULP: SURREAL STORIES FROM A NEARBY SKULL', and a podcast about movies we can't make told from the bathtub called 'THE SCRUB CLUB PITCH TUB'. at the 'agency', we put the 'fun' back into 'fundamentally unmarketable'. you can chuck us a buck, and get some old lost-to-time .pdf zines and a wallpaper pack of collages (soon) if you want, i'd appreciate it! you may (or may not (for legal purposes)) get a good feeling in your heart (disclaimer: if you feel anything in your heart at all you're probably supposed to go to a doctor right away, i think). until then remember to leave breadcrumbs behind you when you leave, drink lots of water, and work really hard and forever until you die x

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