Sneaky Foxes
WE ARE SNEAKY FOXES We are a Slovenian esports team made out of extremely average players. Currently we have a Valorant and CS:GO team. We strive to bring the esports community together, including the non-professional players that still want to enjoy the games. Our Mission: Our mission is to bring a competitive aspect of ESPORTS to average players. To players that don’t have time to train for hours and hours. To players who would also like to feel the rush and adrenaline of competing in tournaments. Our Vision: To make ESPORT something more than just for professionals. To make it as common as football, basketball and all the other sports that everyone can enjoy. Wouldnt it be great to play a tournament with your average skilled friends while your grandma and grandpa with all the other family members sit in front of tv watching and cheering for you and your team of average joes. Our Approach: We will show you that through special tournaments and leagues just for the average players like us, you can be comfortable with your skill sets and rank. No need for cheats to make you feel better. You, your team, your skills, and a bunch of people like you!

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