Hello & welcome to Snowy's official Ko-fi page! :D This is just for extra supplementary support, in case folks prefer to use this over other methods. (I may create stuff specifically for Ko-fi in the future, we'll see!) 💜 Part-time Twitch streamer 📆 Live weekly 🔗 🎮 Action/adventure, RPGs, story-driven games, with some dabbling in casual talk show streams... lots of conversations and chill vibes! My focus is first and foremost on my community of viewers, fostering a safe and welcoming space to spend time together. 💕 Lots of discussions and conversations, with gameplay as a backdrop. Whether you've been in the community for some time or you're brand new, please don't be afraid to tune in to the stream and say hello! 😊 #StopAsianHate ✅

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