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Hey everyone! With running a blog comes a set amount of monthly fees so I'm setting our first goal at covering the base costs. This would help anxiety and allow us to stress less. Making more room for our energy to be spent on the essentials - Creating Content!


An entertainment blog where Comic Books and TV shows are our jam. We write articles, record breakdown videos and have a podcast.

Soda and Telepaths
Soda and Telepaths started as a blog. It's still a blog except with a Contributing Team of 10 writers, a Youtube channel and a Podcast with 2 co-hosts. Streaming TV Shows and Comic Books are our jam so you'll mainly see Pop Culture articles, videos and audio concerning those. We're basically creating Pop Culture Pandemonium! Like what we're doing and just want to support? Well, your tips will go straight to the people behind Soda and Telepaths. Additionally, you will receive a shout-out on our Podcast just for being Awesome and for being You! Creating something and want a review? Drop a $6 tip and jump the queue! Your work will receive a review within 48 hours. Don't worry - we'll be nice.

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