Soft Star Magazine

Hi everyone! This is Miranda Adkins, Editor-in-Chief of Soft Star Magazine. I started Soft Star in August of 2022 as a passion project, and I'm so glad I did! I'm honored to have been able to share so much beautiful writing and art by so many talented creators, and I want to keep this magazine running for a long time. However, running a magazine as a team of one isn't cheap, and so far I've been covering all costs myself. Those costs are mostly comprised of printing and postage costs for contributor copies of the print issues. I fully expect to continue covering these costs primarily by myself, but your small donations take a little bit of that pressure off and allow me to continue sharing Soft Star for free online. I'll be using this page to share editor's notes, issue updates, and any new information about how the costs of the magazine are shaking out. Thanks for your support!

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