Sonia Leong

Welcome to my Ko-Fi page! I've set this up as both a shop for people who would like to buy my art/books and a place to support me without needing to subscribe to a monthly payment (If you'd prefer to subscribe for regular rewards, go to my Patreon account A little more about me: I'm a UK-based author and illustrator specialising in Manga and Comic Book art. I'm a self-employed freelancer, so I've been hired to work on things like Doctor Who, Assassin's Creed, Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Great Lives: Marie Curie, The Graphic Canon, The Search For Catbug, DOMO: The Manga, Comic Book Tattoo, Draw Manga: Complete Skills, Beginning Manga... But I also create/self-publish my own original comics! I'm the Director of Sweatdrop Studios, a British small press / independent publisher and comic collaborative group. My best-selling original work is A Brush With Magic, the first of my illustrated, fantasy light novels in The Chronicles of Ciel series. I'm currently raising funds to help fund the printing of new books for the series. Getting direct support from kind fans through places like Ko-fi and Patreon allows me to spend more time on my personal projects, which I love with all of my heart. So please consider buying something from my shop or buying me a virtual coffee ❤

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