📅QUEUE // ✏️KOFIMISSIONS✏️ In exchange for donations, I will produce a small character picture! ☕️7-9 Kofis-Sketchy/lineart ☕️10-16 Kofis-Monochrome sketch ☕️17+ kofis - Colored sketch ☝️LIMITATIONS☝️ -One character. -SFW - Include reference link in donation. Keep it within the donation's text limit! Keep it moderatedly vague -For sketches and monochrome art, you can specify which color you want me to use ✏️COMMISSIONS✏️ You want something bigger than kofimissions? Every month's 1st I open slots for my commissions in my Commission tab! Check my 'Commissions' tab for more information! [You can also get kofimissions through the commission tab! Works the same way] 📧Delivery will be by email for commissions and Ko-fi DMs for kofimissions

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