📅KOFIMISSIONS QUEUE // ✏️KOFI SKETCHES✏️ The following donation quantities get you art! ☕️7-9 Kofis-Sketchy/lineart ☕️10-16 Kofis-Monochrome sketch ☕️17+ kofis - Colored sketch Just buy a Ko-Fi and tell me your request (and reference links) in your donation's message. Try to include a media handle so I can contact you once it's done or if your image link is flawed! ☝️RULES☝️ -One character. -SFW - Include reference link in donation.Keep it within the donation's text limit! -File size varies between 900-1200px on the longest side. -You can do suggestions, but ultimately the shot is up to me (usually based on how complex the character is) -For sketches and monochrome art, you can specify which color you want me to use ⭐If you are interested in something with more specifications, keep an eye for my regular commission slots opening. 😎HD Files 😎 For original file downloads, I reccomend you use my DeviantART! You can also request me to send them by e-mail too.

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