Never required, always appreciated! This is the best way to tip me after a commission or as a casual support. You can find a trello board of the queue here: ✏️KOFI SKETCHES✏️ Each donation has right to one sketch! ☕️1-7 Kofi donations-Monochrome sketch ☕️8 kofis or more - Colored sketch! ☕️You can also ask for an old kofi to be colored for 4 kofis~! Just buy a Ko-Fi and tell me your request in your donation's message. If your sketch isn't colored, you can specify which color you want me to use and what handle/name you want me to refer to you by if any! Note that kofimissions do not stack. Unless it's to color an old monochrome kofimission, the kofimission will be monochrome or colored based on the present donation! 😎HD Files 😎 All my kofimissions are updated to DeviantART, which is very useful to get the original file since other sites like Twitter can mess up the quality sometimes Follow the link here!- ☝️RULES☝️ -One character -SFW and no fetishes, please -Keep reference links and other info within the donation's text. -You can do suggestions, but ultimately the shot is up to me (usually based on how complex the character is) -No more than one kofimission per person at once. You can get another once yours is finished

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