Sparkie Joy
Waazzzzzup incredible humans! If you have enjoyed any of my livestreams or content or terrible jokes that only I laugh at or my philosophical rants or, or, or and you'd like to buy me a cup or two of steaming hot caffeinated goodness as a show of your support, then you have found the right place! I've been doing YouTube for years now and I'd love the ability to be with you all on a more consistent basis. Recently I've been dealing with some medical issues, I've had to fully move (again!) and I'm still trying to do all this while holding down a full time job! My goals are to get on a regular streaming schedule, add in some more videos and even expand onto Twitch for some other fun games such as Fortnite and Minecraft! MAYBE we can even throw in some travel style videos as well! So supporting me here, subscribing, or even just saying hi in a stream or on a video all helps me get there! And I truly appreciate it! Honestly you guys have ALWAYS been so amazing to me. I'm grateful that I've been able to be in all of your lives! Most of all, thank you for keeping motivated to create!

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