Stant Litore

Hi everyone! Ko-Fi and Patreon help me pay the bills, keep myself and my children fed, and keep writing! Help me make of the stories you love; if you've enjoyed my work, consider leaving me a tip. You can learn more about my work at - or check the Gallery tab for a peek at the book covers! Whether you're here for the writing toolkits (like Write Characters Your Readers Won't Forget or Write Worlds Your Readers Won't Forget) or the thrilling tales of dinosaur riders on alien worlds, or zombies in Old Testament times, or time-traveling hijabi shapeshifting warrior-scientists from the far future, or Lives of Unforgetting - my thrilling dive into the wilds of biblical (mis)translation - you can find your next great read in my work. Right now, I'm just getting started on Ko-Fi, but I'll add a bookshop and more updates soon! Thank you so much for helping me do this - you are the best. Stant

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