i'm a freelance model/digital artist/developer based in tokyo, japan. i share concept photography, behind-the-scenes footage, my life in japan, working as a creative in tech. any amount of donation is appreciated. <3 // MY MOTIVATION intention is important when creating art. for me, my concept photography roots from my love of anime/manga/game-inspired themes of adventure, cyberpunk themes of tech and dystopia, and the existential battle of finding meaning in a seemingly meaningless existence. i both struggle and thrive from depression/adhd. i believe the chaos in my mind is what drives me to create. // WHY I STARTED KO-FI i've found that as much as i try, it's draining to return all the love without running myself dry. you choosing to support me, will slowly allow me to create content full-time & give back. i have a long way to go, but here's to starting. a big thank you to those who have been following my creative journey from the beginning. xox // MONTHLY TIERS [ ☠️ SKULL PATRON ☠️ $10/MONTH ☠️ ] - personalized monthly voice greetings from me [ 🖤 HEART PATRON 🖤 $15/MONTH 🖤 ] - personalized monthly voice greetings from me - go to restaurant of choice in tokyo review on @steffieharner_eats - 15% off my portrait commissions [ 🌙 MOON PATRON 🌙 $30/MONTH 🌙 ] - personal monthly greeting video from me - life in japan youtube video shoutout - 20% off my portrait commissions [ 😈 DEVIL PATRON 😈 $50+/MONTH 😈 ] - dm thread moved to my primary inbox - choose my next life in japan youtube video - 30% off my portrait commissions with a collaborator of your choice ⚠️ IMPORTANT - please include your IG handle in your message so i know who you are.

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