Buy a Rainbow for Stone Studios


Currently all of my income comes from art commissions.

I will post a variety of things that will be of use to you! Line art, blank ref sheets, special YCH spots in drawings, character designs for sale, and much more!

Stone Studios
1 Kofi = $3
Tiers combine as you pledge more!
NMA = Need Mailing Address

1 Kofi - Thank you so much!

2+ Kofi's - headshot doodle.

4+ Kofi's - Colored headshot doodle.

8+ Kofi's - New button designs. (NMA)

10+ Kofi's - New 4x6 Prints. (NMA)

14+ Kofi's - New 8.5x11 Prints! (NMA)

17+ Kofi's - New Vinyl decal designs. (NMA)

20+ Kofi's - Custom Illustration, one character, Simple BG.

25+ Kofi's - Custom illustration, two character, simple BG.

35+ Kofi's - Custom illustration, one character, Detailed BG.

Go join my telegram channel for updates too!

Also find my commission prices and order form on my website!

Pay off my surface pro!

21% of goal

Every Rainbow counts!

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