My name is Luis Pacheco and live in Argentina. I'm the creator of StratoCat (a contraction of the terms STRATOspheric and CATalogue) a website whose aim is to document and share, everything related to the history, development and use of the balloon in the scientific research, the military field and the aerospace activity. Today, scientific ballooning is an activity that evolves constantly and even when space flight and exploration missions are almost routine, it continues to offer a key research tool for large segments of astronomy, astrophysics, atmospheric science and technology. This field never received the media coverage that deserved, so 15 years ago I've started this website to try to fill that gap. StratoCat is a non-profit, educational and informative website. Is an independent initiative, and thus is not endorsed, supported or have any relationship with any governmental or private agency or company in the balloon field. There is no advertising on the site to help finance it, so if you find useful information on it, and want to help me to keep on with this humble initiative, you can do that by buying me a coffee. Thank you !

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