Students for a Fossil Free Future

2021- In its starkest warning yet, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has cautioned that we must stop exploiting new oil and gas fields by this year in order to stay within the safe limits of global warming and restrict temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. However, ties between our universities and fossil fuel (FF) companies remain strong. This includes: 👉🏽 Universities’ investment in the FF industry: All universities have an endowment for financing their operations and they invest a portion of their endowment to grow their funds. None of our universities have policies to exclude FF company holdings from their investment portfolios. 👉🏽 Funding from the FF industry: By hosting FF industry-funded academic and social programmes, our universities are endorsing an industry that has historically damaged our environment, thereby playing down the role that the FF industry has in bringing us to today's climate crisis, and normalizing the FF industry's presence among students. S4F has the following goals: 🚀 Create awareness among students, faculty, admin, and the public regarding the problematic links we have identified in our report. 🚀 Initiating conversations and actions on how universities can move away from their current stance towards the fossil fuel industry and towards a focus on a fossil-free transition. To achieve our goals, we will: 💪🏽 Engage universities’ board members in dialogues on divesting from and ending partnerships with the FF industry. 💪🏽 Engage students, alumni, faculty members, donors, and allies through workshops and conversations, to create broader support for Singaporean universities cutting ties with the FF industry. 💪🏽 Publish written content and artwork to make our campaign more visible and accessible in the public space. S4F is an independently funded campaign, and is not making any profit. Your donations will support the essential costs of running this campaign. Our fundraising goal is $7,800, which will go towards: 🦋 Campaign Expenses: This includes logistical costs, access support, public outreach activities and the costs of producing and delivering artworks aimed at highlighting problematic ties between universities and the FF industry. 🦋 Remuneration of S4F campaign contributors: We are committed to compensating our artists, writers and organisers for their valuable contribution to the campaign. A token compensation makes it more financially accessible for people from diverse backgrounds to be involved in climate advocacy work.

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