Sunny 16 Podcast
If you've made it this far, we love you already. If you're able to and want to give us some money to help us do all that we want to with the podcast, that would be flipping awesome. What do we want to do? More on location interviews, more Underexposed shows, work to avoid having terrible audio no matter how deep and dark a hole the guests may be calling in from - all these fun things! We'd also like to be able to make use of the brilliant logo that Anil Mistry designed for us last year to make some cool merch, because it's too nice not to, and that's just for starters. We love making the podcast and the fantastic community that we've been introduced to through it. If you would like to contribute towards making the show happen every week in a very real way, then you'll have our utmost gratitude. If all you have to give us at the moment are your ears, then we really appreciate that too :-) Love and hugs Rachel, Ade and Graeme - AKA The Sunbeams

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