Hi, I'm Daniela aka LaDanie or @Kulturkomplizin. I draw comics and cartoons about everything to do with sustainability, climate change and feminism. My comics usually contain a portion of irony or satire - firstly, because I don't take myself very seriously and secondly, because I think that evolution has given us laughter, grinning and smiling for a reason. If you want to be my partner in crime, I can create the Sustainable Comics and take them out into the world - at the moment, I publish via social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Mastodon) but also on websites and blogs, e.g. #EntrepreneursForFuture ( Your contribution not only gives you good karma, but also ensures that more people can get excited about climate change and feminism. And that sustainability is made more mainstream and thus becomes a natural part of life in the long run. Isn't that good?

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