SWARM MAG is an emerging cultural and art-oriented e-zine, mainly focused on Central and Eastern Europe and its up-and-coming artistic scene. Writers, fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, performers, conceptualists and many more, who are not indifferent to current world affairs and our shared future, can find a home on our platform. MANIFEST . be brave . stand for sustainability . avoid automatism . be respectful . dodge mainstream . don’t waste . live in symbiosis . be open-minded . quality over quantity . slow down . take care . recycle . express yourself . think first . mind nature and people . be an ally . find your kind and your flock . lose your fear . riot against fake . love yourself . expect the unexpected . make your own rules . never obey the oppressor . make people believe in you and your qualities . follow intuition . listen to your inner voice . encourage yourself and others . be strong . do not move obstacles . support culture . maintenance relationships . keep moving . limit past to build your future . don´t suppress opinions of another . resist bigotry . . our imagination and mindset create our future . . culture is our nature – nature is our culture . SWARM MAG PUTTING CULT INTO CULTURE. ESTABLISHED 2018 SWARM MAG TEAM Founder & Editor-in-Chief Markéta Kosinová Co-Founder & Fashion Editor Kateřina Hynková Executive Editor & Translator Františka Blažková Fashion Editor Assistant Agáta Zapotilová Text Category Director Bára Čápová Digital Creative Diretor & Technology Editor Zdeněk Růžička Translator & Music Editor Tomáš Kovařík Programmer & Web admin Luděk Černý & Mikuláš Karpeta Logo Type Matěj Vojtuš Web Design Daniel Vojtíšek & Zdeněk Růžička Typography Filip Matějiček / Heavyweight info@swarmmag.com

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