THANKS!! Thanks to everyone who helped me via ko-fi! I might start taking Kofi-Critter-Thanks pics, its fun! Buy a coffee, leave a fanart suggestion, i might draw it! any tips or donations here qualify for a suggestion! -RULES- SFW ONLY IDEAS 1-3 coffees = 1 character and idea (example: gabumon, thancred, goku, etc) 4+ coffees = 2 character and idea (example: sylveon and vaporeon hugging, Moogles playing, goku and sonic eating onion rings, etc) just remember, these are suggestions, not commissions. I do these as a fun break from commissions, and may hold more polls for ideas even if i dont get donations or ko-fis. This is just a fun way to say thanks to those who help me or tip me! Update as of 2021: Not just limited to pokemon anymore, I'll take fan art requests in general! I'm best with cute critters like pokemon or moogles, but feel free to suggest any cartoon/anime/game characters!

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