💸 TIP JAR If you downloaded a book for free and would like to pay something later, or if you just want to support a writer creating and independently publishing stories, you can do that by gifting me a virtual coffee. The default amount is £1, but you can change that to any number you like. You can also choose to set your virtual coffee as a recurring monthly gift. All payments are handled securely by PayPal. 📚 BOOK SHOP Clicking on the shop link will bring you to a page where you can find out all about my books and download them in EPUB, MOBI and PDF format to read on your favourite reading app or device. Pay What You Want is enabled for all my ebooks, so you're welcome to download them, read them and keep them for free! If you would like to and are able to, you can choose to pay something now or come back and put some money in my tip jar if you enjoy the story. Currently available are... THE EXSENSORY TRILOGY (cyberpunk novels) Book 1: Heavy Frequency Book 2: Cold Identity Book 3: Steep Velocity CAR THIEVES (post-apocalyptic novella) STONE FLOWERS (contemporary novella) THE TUNNEL AND THE LIGHT AT THE END (neo-noir and contemporary short fiction collection) ☕ WHY PUBLISH THIS WAY? I'm in love with the art and craft of writing, but not with the business of publishing. I've never wanted to pursue traditional publishing and always assumed I would probably opt for mainstream self-publishing one day, since it seemed like the only other practical option for sharing my stories with people who might enjoy them. The more I researched it though - algorithms, keywords, adverts, gigantic platforms etc - the less it felt like something I wanted to do. I tried serialised web-publishing, which was fun for a while. It introduced me to some wonderful writers who I'm lucky to count among my friends today, but it didn't fit with my writing process. Also, I found myself feeling more and more pressure to create stories that were on-brand for a platform rather than writing authentically and following my muse. I felt a bit stuck, a bit lost. I knew what I wanted - to indulge my lifelong passion for writing, to jump freely between genres and page counts, and to share my books on my own terms through an ethical, flexible platform. As much as I adore writing and sharing my stories with readers, and I can't say for certain what what direction that will take in the future, I do know that framing writing as a business venture with all the non-writing elements of that approach isn't right for me at this point. Ko-fi allows me to publish my books my way, completely independently, on a cosy platform where creators genuinely matter. I'm only at the beginning of my journey here and I'm so excited to have you along for the ride!

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