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Trying to get out of a hostile and unstable living situation


Disabled graphic designer and retro gamer. I stream design work and gaming runs on an irregular basis.

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Taralyn Darkchylde
Heya. I'm a 37 year old trans woman who is unemployed due to disabilities, both physical and mental. My mobility is impaired due to past injuries that did not heal properly, while my bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and autism all render me unemployable. I pass my time by doing graphic design and retro gaming playthroughs on my Twitch channel. I am also a cat mommy to two very active kitties. As I mentioned, I'm trans, and some of the aspects of transitioning I'm ready to undertake are ones I can't easily afford on a disability check. These mainly include updating legal documentation and getting hair removal done. Donations will primarily go to this purpose, though they also may be used to shore up my food budget during bad months. Every cent helps and every single donation is appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance if you decide to share this to your friends and acquaintances via social media. Much love, Taralyn.

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