Taranaki Retreat

Thank you so much for visiting our page. As you will have read we are a unique suicide prevention initiative that is purely reliant on community and private funding, to keep the doors open and enable us to continue to save lives. We will be sharing content regularly on our posts and if you read something or listen to something and it resonates or is helpful, please think to buy us a coffee. Or maybe there is something in the shop that catches your eye. Please note that some of these are items for you to download and for your enjoyment. The items in the donation category, are exactly that, you are buying something for someone else, that may be a scone for example, some therapeutic support, or a stay at Taranaki Retreat. Whichever you decide to do, please follow us and share the link, so that we can get more awareness of what we do and help to do it. Thank you from us all.

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