Hello everyone My name is Tati. I'm a beginning cosplayer. I love acting and loved to make my job of. With cosplaying is for me practising on acting. I can't make my clothing self and not so good in bringing my wigs in model but therefore I can count on amazing persons who create them for me and glady pay them for their hard and wonderful work. I also make my own Music Fan Video's, creating Digital Arts. Every day I learn new stuff. I also love writing stories. I love singing too but still learning especially on the high notes. Soon I will start with making podcasts too. I'm a very creative person and love to share it with others. I thank you in front for your support. If you now donate or not I appreciate your support a lot. On this page you will find my Fan Fictions, Music Fan Videos, My cosplay adventures, Singing audio's, Digital Arts & Podcasts about Chinese Drama's and their actors

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