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Lee Arnold

Hello to all who visit and follow my page here! My aim for this page is to upload and promote my comic strip, The Amazing Zoot & Algy. To give some insight into how I work and possible support to those here on Ko-fi who may also be cartoonists and might need tips, hints, inspiration, and such on cartooning, I will also upload sketches, strip ideas and concepts, new characters, and other related content in addition to the finished strips. I am not a teacher of cartooning or art as such, but I also wish to do anything I can to help, support, and encourage others in cartooning or art as a whole. While I seek followers and some monetization, I also wish to get behind the creative efforts of others here and help their monetization where I can. We are not competitors; we are cohorts in creativity, and I love seeing what others do creatively. Let's get behind each other!

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