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Hello! If you're here you're probably considering supporting me; thank you so much! I stream free, live science lessons and shows on Facebook and YouTube. They're available to view afterwards for free, and the lesson print outs are free too. I can do it because enough people support me monetarily. I just love that and can't thank them enough. You get 'Thank Yous' for supporting with different amounts. People signing up with £5 or more receive rainbow glasses and Theatre of Science magazine, which comes out every few months. I write it and graphic designer husband makes it look great. Previous free gifts have included biodegradable plastic bags, a piece of paper (right?), and eclipse glasses. Don't forget to put your address in for the glasses etc! I love hearing from all the children (and parents!) who are learning alongside me each week. It really is the best job I could imagine having; thanks so much again for making it happen! NOTE: Please ignore the Donate button! Sign up as a member to receive my thank yous, and my deepest gratitude!

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