The Dignified Learning Project

Welcome to The Dignified Learning Project! We are a San Diego nonprofit focused on transforming education so all can live a dignified life. This means that we hold a firm anti-oppressive, anti-exclusionary stance; that is, we align with anti-racist, anti-homophobic and transphobic, anti-ableist, and reject any dehumanizing belief, and we aim to always embody inclusive philosophies as an organization. Our mission statement is: To To Manifest of the Values of Dignity through Student Services, Teacher Collaboration, & Community Engagement. We started as a research project when Charlene Holkenbrink-Monk, PhD, was in her master's program and initially wanted to partake in an independent study class. However, it eventually grew, and she founded the nonprofit with Dr. Jung Choi, from San Diego State University. Over time, the organization has successfully hosted 5 conferences since 2018, every single student who has received help through the organization has been accepted to college, including several with full-ride scholarships, we've helped students secure over $350,000 in funding, and we have collaborated with other organizations and institutions for community-engaged research and work. Thank you for following us and we look forward to our engagement with you!

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