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Sophie Marie - The Empress Within
Welcome and thank you for visiting! As stated in my introduction, I am currently working on my upcoming book, "You Are The Empress". In this book, I show women how to take their power back, overcome adversity, and create the life they want, using my own life story and very useful things I've learned along the way. My goal is to complete and publish "You Are The Empress" in 2022. I am making this book my #1 priority for the next few months. This means taking on less clients, and holding off creating new courses and other services that bring in money. As such, I have started this Ko-fi page to help me support myself and cover many business-related expenses while focusing on my book. If The Empress Within has helped you (or if I have personally, outside of business), please don't hesitate to support me by donating whatever amount you are able to. Anything will help and is greatly, deeply appreciated. (If you so desire, you will get your name (full, first, or initials) on a special thank-you page in my book!)

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