Initial Funding for Prototype / Vertical Slice

9% of $500 goal

This goal is focused on the initial prototype. I am working to provide the funds from my own source but every contribution helps. My idea is to provide a simple, small, but polished, prototype that will align with the final vision. So this goal is directed towards art work, music, and programming for mechanics.


The Full Armor of God is a fantasy style, Christian-themed RPG inspired by the Bible. It focuses on a group of first century Christians and their pursuit to follow Yeshua (Jesus), resist temptation, and Share the Gospel all while living in a Pagan Country. This game aims to capture the challenges, the joys, and the essence of being a Messianic believer (a Christian). *** This journey thus far has been amazing, but what makes it even more amazing is having YOU apart of it. Thank you for visiting and any financial support. God Bless You.

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