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I'm Hannah, a single #millennialmom and mental health advocate. If you'd like to support me on my journey to recovery, and raising awareness - buy me a coffee. It helps.

I’m Hannah, also known as hannahcyanide. I’m hitting my mid-twenties, a single #millennialmom to a little boy named Kyle, and generally a mental health advocate and lifestyle blogger. I recently lost my job and I maintain my own site. I also have a sizeable Instagram following and I'm putting out a mental health zine called USER MANUAL in mid-February, The majority of my former salary goes to running my household and taking care of my son. Between his paediatrician appointments and making sure he has the best I can afford as he grows up, I honestly would not survive without the help of my parents. I want to be somewhat stable independently so that I don’t have to rely on them so much. On the other hand, I am currently seeking medical treatment for my Borderline Personality Disorder and lets be honest here, therapy can be expensive. Medication even more so. On average, a single appointment is around MYR200 and factoring in medication, it can go up to MYR700 depending on the duration of my medication. USER MANUAL has not had its initial run yet, however a local zine distributor's pricing and my store pricing will be drastically different. They will take my manuscript and produce photocopied versions for people to purchase, however the physical and digital versions available for sale on the store will be different. At current estimate, a single physical copy will cost about MYR25 or so, and will be printed in high quality paper among other things. If you’d like to make that happen – you can help me do that! Currently, my MacBook Air 2010 is too old and too light to use the Adobe Suite, which I need (and can't afford, if we're being honest). The first order of things would be to upgrade my MacBook in order to keep generating income.

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