Jane Bradbury

Eh up, I'm Jane, I'm a digital artist and I am disabled. The aim for my Ko-Fi Corner is to provide you with stuff you might like, including: - Livestreams of me attempting art; - video tutorials; - digital brushes for Illustrator/Photoshop; - digital animations to send to your family and friends; - digital effects I might create; - art to purchase; - tips and tricks for making digital art, if you're just starting out; - creative solutions when you can't use a program in the usual way; - anything else that piques my interest - and hopefully, yours too! I work with Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects. I just want to try all of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs! In supporting me you'll enable me to buy stuff to make my life a little bit easier: - a comfortable wheelchair, please God! - plugins to help my workflow; - be able to have someone provide physical help during the day; Come on in and poke around, I hope you find something you like 😊

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