♡ Thank you, For stopping by and checking out my assets! ♡ ════════════════════♡════════════════════ Free to Use Rules: ♡ : F2U meaning that they are non-exclusive and can/will be used by multiple customers. You as the user are not allowed to file DMCA claims to any other customers using the some thing. ♡ : Do not use my free backgrounds in commission work, Personal art is fine. ♡ : Do not redistribute my designs! I retain all commercial rights to my designs. ♡ : You may use my backgrounds in Videos and Streams! ♡ : You may NEVER use my work in any form of NFT, or cryptocurrency. ♡ : Tips are Welcome but never expected! ════════════════════♡════════════════════ If you have questions or want to ask if you can or can not do something, Contact me on Twitter! ♡

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