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Hi I'm, "That girl Muse." A slam poet, artist, public figure, and cannabis enthusiast. I also happen to be a anti-guru and spirit guide, who uses, art, poetry, blogging, writing, and volunteer work in the community to help people, like me... struggling, with emotional, health, heal themselves, using arts. Be it, meditation... or.. just hanging out at one of the inure me events, come hang out! All the proceeds, go to fund my programs, organizations, supporting alternative medicine, arts, and emotional wellness. See https://themuse.simplybook.me and help support my work, to help people, on the brink of giving up on themselves find a fresh start today! Relax, and grab a joint! 🌿🚬🔥😘💬💞💋 xo... See my full portfolio #comingsoon on https://artzine.com/inure-muse

Inure Muse
Welcome to "That Girl Muses", page.... I'm Inure Muse. An author, slam poet, artist, photographer and Muse who uses the proceeds, from my work, to help, people, like myself, who have cognitive ability cope with any disabilities that may arise from wellness issues. The goal is to help those persons' lead stress-free, goal, oriented lives, by providing, supports, guidance, self-awareness and mindfulness techniques and study geared towards helping people, with wellness issues, cope with their unique abilities. 1 🌿🚬🔥 = 1 membership to my blog bit.ly/MuseXO 2 🌿 = blog subscription, and a coupon code for our store. 3 🌿 = " " + online 💻💬🖱👈🏾chat. 4 🌿🚬🔥= 1 raffle ticket to win 🎫 to our events, 1 online 💻💬 5🌿😘 = " " 1 raffle ticket to win 🎫 + online 💻💬🖱👈🏾chat. 6🌿🚬🔥= " " 1 raffle event 🎟, ticket to win 🎫 access 👨🏾‍💻 & link to my FANS ONLY! Account, 1 online💻💬, subscription to my blog! bit.ly/MuseXO 10 🌿🥰💞😚 = 100 😚🌿🚬🔥= 1 Muse xo 🎁📦 , FANS ONLY access, 1 in person 👧🏾 session of your choosing (in your area) a Muse xo 🎁 200🌿🚬🔥 = 🎁, 🎟 , FANS ONLY account access, 5 online chat sessions💻💬 Coupon code for instant VIP savings in our online store 💳❣😄🤯 bit.ly/cannamuse-xo 🛍 1 in person👧🏾💬🖱👈🏾 and one weekend event 🎟🎨🎭👌🏾🙌🏾😁

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