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Hi, ©I.M that girl muse and here's how you can help us both, reach our goals. Each 🌿 is $10. The more, you give, gets me supplies to create more, art, writing, and as thanks, I give you a 🎁 pretty simple right? 1🌿= 1 BLOG MEMBERSHIP 👌🏾😘😊 2🌿= BLOG MEMBERSHIP + VIP FAN ACCOUNT access! and 3🌿= Same as above, earn 30 XP towards, a 🎁* 4🌿= ", earn 40 XP towards, 🎁 or Membership 5🌿= ", earn 50 XP towards, 🎁* or Membership 6🌿= ", earn 60 XP towards, 🎁 or Membership 7🌿= ", earn 70 XP towards, 🎁 Muse Moment™*, or Membership 8🌿= ", earn 80 XP 🎁, 📦and Membership 9🌿= ", earn 90 XP skype chat,🎁 and blog Membership 10🌿= ", earn 100 XP Same rewards as above, Thank you📦🎁, Meet Me chat, Blog membership, Spreaker guest host! special, ©I.M. event invites. . . 100🌿= 1000 XP Curator Access: 1 original Artwork by Inure Muse, or Print, 🎁📦, ©I.M special event invite, website and gallery membership, guest host on my "speaker" "That girl Muse's show." 10000🌿 10000 XP"(same goodies as above) ANNUAL EVENT invite, 🎁📦, VIP access to my fans only accounts, ©I.M exhibits, guest list on the Inure Me JOINT JAM™ hotlist. Also, get a GALLERY PASS*(exclusive members pass to Inure's favourite art spot)

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