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Hello, ©I.M "That girl Muse." I'm a slam poet, artist, public figure and also a medical cannabis enthusiast. I also happen to be an anti-guru and spirit guide, who uses my artwork, poetry, blogging, volunteer work in the community and my writing to help people, like me struggling with neural and cognitive health, work with those challenges through therapy, like, behavioral coaching, coping mechanism skills development and by using art. Ultimately I'm helping persons struggling with these types of challenges using alternative wellness methods and also by providing one on one chat support. Please help me step up within my community by helping me to achieve my goals by donating an earning "I.M," XP™ All the proceeds go to fund my programs and organizations that support alternative medicine, arts, and cognitive wellness. Check out the link below and support by donating and visit 👉🏾 https://bit.ly/book-that-girl if you'd like to take part in one of my wellness experiences, which helps support my work geared towards helping those living with disabling conditions on the brink of giving up on themselves find a fresh start today. I want you to relax and grab a joint and see my full portfolio coming soon! 👇🏾😙🥰😘 https://artzine.com/inure-muse

Inure Muse
Hi ©I.M that girl muse and here's how you can help us reach our goals. Each 🌿 is a $10 donation supporting the cause and also 10 "I.M" XP. 1🌿= 1 BLOG MEMBERSHIP 👌🏾😘😊 2🌿= BLOG MEMBERSHIP + VIP FAN ACCOUNT access! and 3🌿= Same as above, earn 30 XP towards, VIP Muse Moment* 4🌿= ", earn 40 XP towards, VIP Muse Moment* or Membership 5🌿= ", earn 50 XP towards, VIP Muse Moment* or Membership 6🌿= ", earn 60 XP towards, VIP Muse Moment or Membership 7🌿= ", earn 70 XP towards, VIP Muse Moment, or Membership 8🌿= ", earn 80 XP towards VIP Muse Moment, or Membership 9🌿= ", earn 90 XP towards VIP Muse Moment or Membership 10🌿= ", earn 100 XP Same rewards as above, Thank you📦🎁, Meet Me chat, Blog VIP, Social media, FANS ONLY ACCOUNT access, Coffee.com supporter, Instant YouTube account, access. Spreaker guest host! Event invite, blog contributor access, fan account, and 🎁📦 . . 100🌿= 1000 XP Curator Access: 1 original Artwork by Inure Muse, or Print, 🎁📦, event invite, gallery membership, guest host on my "speaker" "That girl Muse's show." 10000🌿 10000 XP"(same goodies as above) ANNUAL EVENT invite, Muse Me Moment™, VIP access to all artist and social media platforms. Blog contributor, Book Benefactor, Inure Me JOINT JAM™ VIP access to Inure Muse exhibits, Vocal Creations supporter and GALLERY PASS*(an exclusive members pass to Inure's favorite art spot)

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