Greetings weary traveler. If you're here, you must've become aware of the struggles of Ilar and their High Magus partner in the tower. In case you're not, here is a portal to them: What you may not be aware of is how they got there-the strange journeys they've gone on, the multitude of humans and spirits they've encountered, and the memories they've made in the many turns of their lives. I want to take you on a trip across The Serpentine Coast, and show you those fantastic events. I want to immanentize The World through concrete words and tangible pictures: -Short stories -Lost Journal Pages -Forgotten letters -Lumine voyages -Conversations in the garden -Sketches and paintings seen behind closed eyelids Your patronage and support here will help bring those ethereal things to life and help the Magi's quest against the Abyss'dvara go on toward its conclusion, and in return, you'll receive: 1. Exclusive beta access to future chapters of The Remainder. Find out what happens in the story first; Help improve the game with feedback. Let your suggestions shape the game's development 2. Story and Tea with Ilar Weekly relaxing hangout with Ilar, where they tell you a short story of roughly 2000 words, as you share a special tea blend and freshly baked pastry. You'll also have a chance to suggest topics for future stories. 3. Glimpses Beneath, ​Art and Lore Book Concept art, sketches, unused artwork. Lore snippets exploring the history, culture, ecology, and unseen forces of The World. Behind the scenes look at the game's development. New issue available when we collect enough artworks for 10 pages of content, approx every 6-8 weeks. 4. Soundtrack in FLAC high quality lossless audio format, when it becomes available. 5. All sorts of dark and fuzzy feelings for having aided the magi in their journey. Won't you join us?

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