Greetings, I enjoy developing applications and extensions for a wide variety of musical instruments which I release as open source. My goal is to help other musicians get more from the gear they already have, and to explore them in new ways. I want my creations to be available to as many musicians as possible... to see what they can create, this is greatest reward for me. However, during the (many) years I have been doing this, I've had a few ask, if there was some way they could contribute. So, Ive decided to give ko-fi a try, as a means to allow those that would like to, and can afford to, to give something back - as a token of appreciation. The reality is my development does have quite a few 'hidden costs' - software, computers and quite a pieces of music hardware... these are not only required for writing/testing and releasing the code, but also producing demo videos. so my goal is not to make money thru ko-fi, but to simply offset some of these costs. I also hope to build up a bit of community around ko-fi, whilst Im present on many forums (as TheTechnobear) . I hope this will become a central point for news, and ideas that I have. If you can afford to contribute, I thank you very much. if you cannot afford to contribute, that's ok too... I'll still be supporting you too - you just make music and share with the community :) anyway, thats my ideas for now, hopefully if my supporters can grow, then I can build out this 'channel'. for now, thank you to everyone who supports me, and also for the positive feedback I've received over the years. Happy music making, Mark - aka TheTechnobear

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