Hello, I’m Dana. I’m a young Vietnamese-American woman who is… figuring things out. I was born in NorCal, graduated from high school in Florida, and packed my bags for Los Angeles when I got admitted to the University of Southern California (Fight on!). I like to think of myself as a magical girl–and not just because it matches my aesthetic! I enjoy studying herbalism, tarot, indigenous Vietnamese spiritualism/mythology, and kitchen witchery. I put my heart into everything posted on The Unprinted Protagonist. My content, especially recipes and reviews, take a lot of time, energy, and–unfortunately–money. If you would like to help support The Unprinted Protagonist, I would truly appreciate it. Even as little at $3 (less than the cost of a coffee), will help! All Ko-Fi donations go directly into buying new supplies for posts, web hosting fees, URL payments, etc.

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