Lucy Lichen

Welcome to The Whispering Wild. During a difficult year I began to share live videos on my social media pages of my walks and the wonders I found. As someone with wobbly confidence I found the idea quite challenging but somehow the reality felt totally normal. I was shocked at the messages I received from people saying how much these online outings ment to them. It started an idea that simmered for a year and has now materialised into my very own podcast. I created this magical land in my mind as a child but somehow it now feels more real than ever. As our planet tries to find its feet I want to share the roots of our land. I know not everyone is able to support artists in this way, I could make my podcasts accessible to only those who could afford it but then I fear it would not reach those who need it the most so I am trusting that those who can support will and in so doing it will enable me to spread my stories and the wild places I adore to distant hearts. So take a look at my page, perhaps buy me a wild token? even better set it to recur monthly which will give me some stability. Then hop over to the links I share for my podbean podcast, relax, listen, enjoy and see what a difference your support is having not only on myself but the people who may not be able to afford it. You you'll receive my podcasts at the same time as the rest of the world which I know is unusual for supporters but as a bonus I will share nature blogs on this page and behind the scenes journeys from each of my podcast episodes, another way in which to connect and heal from your home x

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