The Witch on Sweetpea Hill

The Inspiration: I never dreamed that the same year I’d speak out and share my story of sexual abuse would be the year I would also lose my sister, a silent victim of childhood sexual abuse who turned to heroin to cover up her unspoken pain. Rebecca Rowlett, aka Sweetpea, was pronounced dead on August 18th from a heroin overdose. My work, and my life’s mission, is fueled by her memory and a strong desire to trade shame for empowerment and silence for a voice among other sexual abuse survivors. Rebecca was more than her addiction- she was a daughter, a mother, a sister, an aunt. The Writer & Artist: My name is Danielle, and I started my business in 2016. The death of my baby sister pushed me to rename my business, take on a new and meaningful purpose, and fight to provide others battling the same demons with healing, resources, a safe space, and an advocate. My jewelry is lovingly and intentionally handmade to provide a wearable blessing, a unique piece of art infused with a pinch of magick and an abundance of compassion. It is my belief that the jewelry we wear has the ability to uplift our tired spirits, help mend our broken hearts, honor those we have lost, directly connect us to a higher frequency, and reawaken and strengthen our inner survivors. Jewelry is more than art, it’s battle gear…and my physical manifestations are conjured to help you suit up and fight. Replenish. Renew. Restore. Arm yourself. Browse my handmade art (what I like to call my metal sonnets) today and begin/deepen your journey of healing and empowerment or check out my stories written to explore the depths of healing and coping with grief. Your support assists with my continued work with other organizations to spread knowledge and offer trusted resources for those dealing with addiction/recovery/the longstanding effects of trauma. It also enables me to continue to do what I believe in, both funding a dream and supporting a real family just like yours. Methods & Techniques: I am a completely self-taught artist, though I’m currently saving to get my degree in jewelry design. I am constantly growing, learning, and improving. I use a combination of methods and techniques to create my metal sonnets, ranging from electroforming and casting to the Tiffany Technique and silver plating. I also work with a wide range of materials, such as concrete and bench-made alloys. Every piece is a unique expression of grief and healing, falling and rising again, invoking personal power, and seeking to bless the future wearer of my art. Because each piece is made with thoughtful intention, no two pieces are ever the same.

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