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A Game Designer delivering games that distill human imagination and playful interactions. Posting weekly Design Sketches, Playful Interactives and Post-reflections/thoughts on Game Design and other game-related content. Enjoy these playful interactives, they are for you!!

Hi, Hello! I'm Daum Park ☺️ Welcome! I'm working towards crafting meaningful games that celebrate human imagination. I’ve spent 7 years delivering some good, some strange and some really unusual games. If you enjoy my content, please consider shouting me a coffee or sharing it with your loved ones or both! Any form of support really means a lot to me. Thank you for your time and support. What's Happening Now: Crafting a Cosy Cooking Game (TBA) during the week. Crafting Playful Interactives on the weekends. Learning and Sharing my knowledge of Game Design Pushing my climbing limits at Bouldering Gym But all paths lead to living an essential and fulfilling life. Latest interactives at: itsnemo.itch.io Follow me on Twitter for live updates: https://twitter.com/itsDaumPark

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