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Hello, readers of This Side of Japan! Since I started the newsletter, I’ve had a few readers ask where they can donate money to support and show appreciation. So I decided to set up a Ko-Fi account for anyone to buy me a Coffee if they wish. Just to make things clear, the Ko-Fi site is strictly a tip jar. As of now, I do not plan to publish any content unique to Ko-Fi nor will there be patron-exclusive content. A subscription to This Side of Japan is free, and I do not look to charge money for anything I publish. This is just something for readers to show thanks, if that’s what they want to do. I deeply appreciate any form of support, financially or otherwise. However, I do have a specific plan for any money donated to me via Ko-Fi. I want to use that money to pay guest contributors on special features. I’ve already published a number of posts with other writers, whose perspectives I really respect, and some have been financially compensated out of my own pocket for their great, hard work. Donation or no donation, I will continue to pay guest writers what I can, and it would be nice if there was money saved in this platform for me to provide that. I do have more than a few big features scheduled to publish later this year that I want to invite multiple guest writers for. Again, I plan to pay them the set fee I have in mind no matter how much is actually donated to me via Ko-Fi. I just basically want to share that the donations, if made, will be put to good use—for more great, diverse content for you to enjoy with your subscription. Thank you so much for reading This Side of Japan! And thank you for sharing your kind words of support. It really makes the newsletter worth doing, and it inspires me to create better posts for you to read.

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