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Hi! I'm Thomas Roland, a sci-fi and fantasy writer hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Safe to say, I'm in love with writing out strange little worlds steeped in magic, space wizards, and normal plain people (the best combination surely). When I'm not pounding my head into a keyboard willing for words to mystically fall out, I'm catching up on reading, playing some board games, or jamming out to my vinyls.

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Thomas Roland
First off, if you're looking at supporting my work, THANK YOU! If I could hug you, I would (alas we are separated by the walls of technology). Any funds I receive I'll be putting towards supporting my writing career, in working on my short stories (available on my blog), and allowing me to spend the time on my longer fiction projects (like my current novels and anthologies). Such a big thank you, and sending telepathic high-fives your way!!

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