I am a wannabe writer/blogger I have created this Ko-Fi page for any tips anyone would like to give as I pursue my creative writing. I have been on a journey with my thoughts for many years. I have learnt a lot along the way, and I am still learning –, as well as Medium, are the places I share my learnings with you. Actually, I am also on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook I believe that the thoughts we generate impact our life greatly. If we can change our thoughts, redirect them, and catch our negative cycles of thinking, we can change our life and our impact on the world. Thoughts are the seed of an action/deed; if we can stop the wrong seeds from being sown, we can live happily and have the courage to always do the right thing. If we learn to realign thoughts once we have been hurt. We grow stronger and more capable. We become stable and develop a quiet confidence meaning we can handle anything. PS. It is okay to have a meltdown from time to time. But, we don’t want to stay there, as it is draining and we can get trapped there. It is important to snap out of it quickly and wisely.

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