It's weird to me that Ko-Fi would correctly guess I needed a new laptop.

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But them's the breaks. I'm running on 2009 hardware, my friends. I might have a green thumb but this money ain't growin' anywhere. More seriously, I'm in pretty desperate need of a new computer. The one I have now is pushing nine years old and it's starting to outright reject newer programs, which is cramping my style. I have my eye on a new laptop that'll meet my needs, but unemployment sucks, y'all.


Artist, casual writer, IMVU developer of 8+ years. Occasionally makes Minecraft skins and 3D meshes. Head in the clouds and navigating life as best I can- making some friends and making some art along the way. Male, 23, professional overthinker, pluviophile, friendly provider of home-grown lackadaisical optimism. Would probably rather be gardening. I like 1920′s-1950′s style, classy vintage mobsters with flat eyes and sinister magics, supernatural wild westerns, progressive historical fiction, mild surrealism, old cartoons, gardenpunk, art nouveau architecture and steam locomotives. Indulge my incredibly specific aesthetics if you dare. Follow me on: IMVU: AO3: Planet Minecraft:

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