Tiffany Sostar

This page is being set up primarily to allow community members who participate in or appreciate my facilitated groups or projects to contribute to the costs of the work. If you're thinking about how much to contribute, it might help to know that each community conversation takes 2-3 hours of time, in addition to the time spent facilitating the conversation. Many of the conversations are transcribed and transcriptions are shared back with the conversation participants, and I pay for these transcriptions. When follow-up notes are sent out, these take 1-2 hours, depending on the length of the conversation. On average, I spend 20-30 hours per month on unfunded community work. If you are experiencing financial stability, meaning that you are able to pay your housing, food, and other necessary costs without significant stress, you might consider donating $30-50 per event, up to a maximum of $150/month (I know I host a lot of groups, and I want you to feel free to attend as many as you would benefit from without worrying about the costs!) If you are experiencing some financial stress, you might consider contributing $10-30 per event, to whatever maximum feels sustainable for you. And if you are experiencing financial precarity, you might consider donating $3-10 per event, to whatever maximum feels sustainable for you.

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